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Reactor Core - Various - 日本橋 Avengers (CDr)

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  1. 富士通からの大切なお知らせを掲載しています。記載された内容は、発表日現在のものです。その後予告なしに変更されることがあります。あらかじめご了承ください。 法人のお客様 Missing: Reactor Core.
  2. ソーシャルメディア. ソーシャルメディアのボッシュ公式アカウントで、ボッシュの「今」をご覧下さい。 Bosch Japan フェイスブック Bosch Japan ツイッター Bosch Japan YouTubeMissing: Reactor Core.
  3. J-Core 3; Jungle / Drum & Bass 送信された Various - 日本橋Extremist. 送信された Various - C97冬のごあいさつCDR. 3 months ago: 送信された Melancholiaah!* - 世界の終わりで会いましょう。 = Let’s Meet At The End Of The World.. 4 months ago: 送信された Cap'n Crunch.
  4. ソーシャルメディア. ソーシャルメディアのボッシュ公式アカウントで、ボッシュの「今」をご覧下さい。 Bosch Japan フェイスブック Bosch Japan ツイッター Bosch Japan YouTube.
  5. That's My Girl (Rotten To The Core) 6 – Roosters* One Of These Days: 7 – Roosters* You Gotta Run: 8 – Bram Rigg Set: Take The Time Be Yourself: 9 – Licorice Schtik* Flowers Flowers: 10 – Lords Of London: Time Waits For No One: 11 – Avengers* It's Hard To Hide: 12 – Avengers* Open Your Eyes: 13 – Plastic People* Hide:
  6. A single, easy task he'd left with the Avengers, and it was to correct their own mistake and retrieve the scepter they'd so carelessly lost in the first place. Instead of doing the sensible thing and waiting for Loki and Thor to return, they had decided to take matters into .
  7. “The real problem, of course,” Coulson says, “is what’s going to happen when everyone realises the Avengers are out of commission.” He gives Clint a disappointed look. “It’s really too bad Loki’s device managed to take out all of the most immediately recognizable Avengers.
  8. The screen changed to show two videos with different time stamps, “His aunt arrived at pm last night and his uncle arrived an hour ago.” The uncle (Ben, if he’s not mistaken) appears haggard and Tony would bet on this not being an uncommon occurrence. Right, Peter’s aunt and uncle weren’t exactly part of the upper class.
  9. Before I was able to reorient myself, a barrage of data was shoved at me by the core programming. As all of the pieces came into order and focus, I knew that: 1. I'd been pulled to the Avengers Tower in New York, specifically to the workshop where one Tony Stark was located 2. Said man was currently experiencing an anxiety attack 3. The core.

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