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  1. In memoriam is a Latin phrase meaning “in memory of” or “as a memorial to.” It’s typically used in memorials to those who have died. In memoriam is a common epitaph —the inscription on a gravestone or other monument. It’s also commonly used as a heading in obituaries.
  2. Definition of in memory of: made or done to honor someone who has died The monument is in memory of the soldiers who died in battle on this field. He donated the painting in memory of his .
  3. in memory of (someone or something) As a memorial to someone or something; to honor or remember someone or something. We planted that tree in memory of our grandfather. This monument is dedicated in memory of all the brave men and women who lost their lives defending our freedom. See also: memory, of.
  4. Sep 19,  · In Loving Memory Quotes. We collected these beloved “in loving memory” quotes for your use in a eulogy, inscription, sympathy card, or to honor your mother or father. Feel free to share each quote with family and friends, on social media, or somewhere in the funeral service. Below, you’ll find the top 10 In Loving Memory Quotes for: Eulogy.
  5. In Memory - It broke our hearts to lose you, but you did not go alone. A part of us went with you, the day God took you home. If tears could build a stairway, and heartaches make a lane, we would walk our way to heaven, and bring you back again. In l pins.
  6. In Memory Poems Memories By Louise Bailey Poem About Memories Of A Loved One. Stories 26; Shares ; Fav orited ; Votes ; Rating/5(K).
  7. When data is written to the in-memory workspace, the computer's physical memory (RAM) is consumed. If too much data is written to this workspace, all the computer's memory may be used up and additional data cannot be written to memory.
  8. A traditional funeral service includes a viewing or visitation, a funeral ceremony, and burial at the gravesite. It is also commonly referred to as a “full service” funeral. Funeral home services include the initial transportation of the deceased to the funeral home, all facility needs, physical care of the deceased – including embalming, and automobiles for the transportation of the.

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