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  1. Choke definition is - to check or block normal breathing of by compressing or obstructing the trachea or by poisoning or adulterating available air. How to use choke in a sentence.
  2. May 10,  · Directed by Gregory Hatanaka. With Shane Ryan, Scott Butler, Sarah Brine, Lisa London. The lines between reality and fiction, and good and bad blur when both a nihilistic detective and a serial killer's affairs with a mysterious girl overlap/
  3. Choke definition, to stop the breath of by squeezing or obstructing the windpipe; strangle; stifle. See more.
  4. Oct 30,  · Choke is the story of Victor, med-school dropout who takes care of his 70's radical mom now suffering from dementia and dying after years of drug use and mental instability/10(K).
  5. 16 rows · choke off, to stop or obstruct by or as if by choking: to choke off a nation's fuel supply. .
  6. 1 to keep (someone) from breathing by exerting pressure on the windpipe let go of my throat—you're choking me!
  7. Jul 21,  · Giving someone permission to choke you—or visa versa—is allowing the two of you to take on dominant and submissive roles in bed. This is something many of .
  8. Chokecherry, (Prunus virginiana), deciduous shrub or small tree belonging to the rose family (Rosaceae), native to North America. It is aptly named for the astringent, acidic taste of its reddish cherries, which may be made into jelly and preserves. The stones and foliage are poisonous and may.

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